Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SHSU Lecture, "Finding Meaning in Landscape Photography"

On Thursday, February 18th, I'll be lecturing at Sam Houston State University. I think it's an interesting topic, "Finding Meaning in Landscape Photography." I've thought about it quite a bit, and in fact ask my students this same question, though I pose it differently; "What is the value of art for the artist?"

The photo posted here is one of Robert Adams. Both his writing and his photographs has a tremendous influence on my work.


  1. Hmm, is the point of the lecture to be how photographers should find meaning in their own landscape photography? Or is it more along the lines of the audience finding meaning in someone else's photography? Or do you see a difference?

  2. Hey Peastew... I have no idea what the audience gets from seeing images. I sort of know what I get from making them, and I try to talk about that. There's a lot of ranting and yelling in my talks, about revolution and transformation...